Nepal &Tibet
For centuries Tibetans have woven rugs as bedding, prayer mats and saddle blankets. When China took control of Tibet in 1959, the Dalai Lama left his country and crossed into neighboring Nepal. Many Tibetans followed his path and settled in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. There are about ten thousand of these people remaining in Nepal today, while thousands of others have immigrated to the US and other western countries. In order to make a living in this new country, the Tibetan refugees in Nepal began weaving carpets. Even today, Tibetan culture and art still thrives in this newfound homeland.
Here are some photos I took in Nepal...

A View of the Himalayan Range

A man spinning silk

Rugs drying on bamboo sticks.

A weaver napping on dyed wool.

Rug clipping.

Monks taking a stroll.

A sign prohibiting child labor.

The Gate to Khatmandu.

Men and women weaving side by side.

Working side-by-side

More weaving.

A typical Tibetan monk outfit.

An Old World scale.

Weaving a small rug.

Tibetan women tying wool into balls.

Very strict about not using child labor.

Weavers having a lunch break.

Wool drying under the sun.

Hand-spinning wool.

Wool being dyed in boilers.
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